Report for FEB 2021

Worldwide Love & Consulting

February 2021 Report

AUTHOR: Matthew  Sellnow

Here is the report of what Worldwide Love & Consulting has done, what they are currently doing and what is the future looking like.

Here is what Worldwide Love & Consulting has done so far:

  • Reached out to various local businesses
  • Created content for their potential clients/prospects
  • Made live videos to promote their content
  • Collaborated with first responders to create a presence of the company
  • Promoted diamond standards of ethics, morals, and principles
  • Promoted Autism Awareness through the company

Here are the current tasks that Worldwide Love & Consulting are doing:

  • Creating e-commerce based content
  • Creating innovating techniques and ideas to gain more reach and frequency of consumers
  • Continuing to reach out to local businesses to help them
  • Continuing to commit to raising the concept of Autism Awareness
  • Live videos and reports
  • On spare time, making content that can relate to the company

Here are future plans in mind for Worldwide Love & Consulting:

  • Fundraiser to sell Worldwide Love & Consulting merchandise
  • Volunteer with a food drive with Feeding America
  • Travel to one or more states to promote Worldwide Love & Consulting
  • Reach out to an Autism organization to gain more insights on Autism
  • (Matthew specifically) Create an exclusive to his personal take on growing up, school, WCTC/DECA as someone with Autism.

This monthly report was created by Matthew Sellnow to help inform the public and the consumers of Worldwide Love & Consulting understand what WWLAC ARE DOING!        


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