Looking at Ethical Lens, allows WWLAC to grow, we will bring results through a loving and creative perspective. We want our local businesses to have a support network. If you have been affected by Covid-19, politics, and challenges that face our world we are here to help you.


We want to become the #1 reference niche in the world when it comes to Autism Training in the workforce. Businesses may become more diverse and look through the business lens at another angle. We also touch on the basics in our society raising awareness or fundraising about Native Americans, Veterans, Food Pantries, and Resources for the Homeless. Ultimately, we do this through Ethical Lens practices in the Christian faith through God and Jesus Christ’s eyes. We aim to bring joy for the benefit of businesses, our clients/prospects, and most importantly, God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God is the reason for our business model and he is our passion to help the World of business grow with Love


We bring ethics, through God, love, Autism, to build a brighter world for everyone.

As graduates of the Marketing and Criminal Justice programs and as previous officers of the Waukesha County Technical College Chapters of our crafts, we wanted to utilize our marketing, business, Criminal Justice, and general knowledge learned from our classes and life experiences. 

World Wide Love and Consulting LLC applies; God, Morals, Ethics, Love, Creatively, Attitude,Transparency into the Culture of our Business Model. We look to use these in any job, project, and relationship we build towards the future. 

We built a company that would impact Ethical Standards in business nationally and internationally with our Diamond Standards of Excellence. We believe in helping people with learning the potential that they wish to reach which is limitless.

Applying good Morals and Ethics does help people not only with reaching their goals and dreams but also setting safer environments, fostering professional relations, and creating opportunities to succeed with their goals and dreams.