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Arin Ohlendorf Foundation gives back along with World Wide Love and Consulting LLC Because giving back to everyone makes me feel GREAT becoming a billionaire is my dream. I want to create an ETF OR HEDGE FUND TO GIVE BACK TO THE POOR THAT WILL BUILD ENDLESS INTEREST. It would be looked after by a special council that would see it go to direct communities all over the world that need essentials of food, water, clothes, and education If this dream job does not work out, I will find other ways to find another dream job because I am resourceful. I am a jack of all trades, and I will only become more experienced since I had those past experiences. The most significant part of transportation in security is that it will always be needed for humanity to exist. In the world of goods and services, people have required to meet to survive. My dream can change without having to worry about being successful because I know Who I am. I have past experiences, training, well-rounded education, and a heart that won’t ever give up until I have met my needs. I want to help children and victims in the Criminal Justice field because that is something I am passionate about bettering the Criminal justice system. One day I hope to change laws in the Criminal Justice system that would affect millions of Americans. Without my understanding of all cultures and experiencing them, I would not be who I am today because I started reading Ancient Egyptian books at a young age. The Ancient Egyptians opened my third Eye and powerful senses that I use to heal myself because of controlling my thoughts. It is why I want to teach the world that Love is what you want to do will make everything alright because it heals the negative vibrations around us. Having positive thoughts while being creative allows a world of peace and purity to prosper.  I learned much of this from my Mindset coach Joe who had prior experience with his Mentor Les Brown; a famous speaker in the motivational world. I have worked with Isaac who has experience in marketing with being a special brand coach ISAAC MASHMAN. He has been featured in TIME MAGAZINE. I was inspired to start my own brand that will help the whole world through Peace which is Diplomacy in Ethics from my experiences in my life. I wanted to help out humanity in a way of showing through my special brand Arin Ohlendorf Foundation that one person can make a difference with having Autism or the thoughts of being that’s impossible. I am living proof anything is possible because if you choose to say you can’t that will happen. But if a person can write goals down and have an amazing system of great people to cheer them on then anything is possible with having faith. AHMAD IMAM IS A MENTOR I MET FROM LINKEDIN WHO I HAVE BECOME CLOSE WITH BY SHARING HIS CONTENT AND LEARNING HIS CRAFT. READING IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING A PERSON CAN DO, IT EMPOWERS PEOPLE. AHMAD HAS BEEN FEATURED AS A TOP PERSON ON LINKEDIN ON THE PLATFORM FOR 2022. HE LOVES WORLD WIDE LOVE AND CONSULTING LLC MISSION BECAUSE HE ALSO DOESN’T LIKE BULLIES. HE HAS OVER MILLION FOLLOWERS WORLD WIDE. HE DOES WORK WITH SYDNEY AUSTRALIA GOVERNMENT AND MANY BUSINESSES ALL OVER THE WORLD. HE HAS MET RICHARD BENSON AND MANY MORE THROUGH HIS BUSINESS INTERVIEWS. IT IS HONOR TO BE ENDORSED BY HIM AND TO HAVE HIS HELP. World Wide Love and Consulting LLC looks FORWARD TO WORKING WITH EVERYONE BECAUSE THROUGH OUR MINDSET WE CAN ACHIEVE PEACE AND SUCCESS. BY SHOWING OUR HIGHER VIBRATIONS FOR THE WORLD THAT NEEDS LIGHT. I CHOOSE TO BE AN GOLDEN DRAGON SURROUNDED BY AN ACE BECAUSE I HAVE A PURE HEART THAT CAN FLY TO ACHIEVE EVERYTHING THROUGH SERENITY. SPREADING MY WINGS AS A DRAGON TO BE THE LIGHT TOWARD THE DARKNESS MAKES THE WORLD VIEW IT DIFFERENTLY THROUGH THE EYES OF THE UNIVERSE.  MY DIVERSITY IN CULTURE, RELIGION, AND ETHNICITY STARTED WHEN I WAS A BABY. THE ONLY BOOKS I EVER READ WERE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN BOOKS. THE BOOKS GAVE ME A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO INTERPRET AND THAT EGYPTIAN READ RIGHT TO LEFT. AT A YOUNG AGE, I LEARNED TO BE OPEN-MINDED AND NON-JUDGMENTAL TO NEW CULTURES. THIS INFLUENCE ALSO INSPIRED ME IN MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OF NEW AGE, BUDDHISM, CELTIC, NATIVE AMERICAN, AND PAGANS. MY FAVORITE BOOK “THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD” ALLOWED MY THOUGHT PROCESS TO THINK ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. ALL CULTURES ARE THE SAME TO ME BECAUSE WE ALL LIVE AND BREATHE. I HAVE A STRONG MORAL FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS TO BELIEVE IN WHAT IS ETHICAL IN SOCIETY AND I UNDERSTAND MY LEGAL RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN. I HAVE PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN INTELLIGENCE THAT I HAVE DONE WORK WITH THE FBI ON 9-11 AND I HAVE BEEN TRAINED BY MILITARY PERSONNEL WHO WERE VETERANS IN AIRBORNE, MARINES, ARMY, NAVY, AND OTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES. I HAVE ALWAYS TRAINED IN THE GYM GAINING DISCIPLINE AND OUTSIDE WHEN I HAVE THE CHANCE. I VISIT THE MOUNTAINS OR GO ON LONG NATURE HIKES FOR DISCIPLINE ALONG WITH HOURS OF MEDITATION THAT LED TO SERENITY. LEARNING TO CONTROL MY EMOTIONS MAKES MY DECISIONS BETTER THAN MOST BECAUSE I ALWAYS LISTEN BEFORE I SPEAK. I SPEAK ONLY WHEN I’VE GIVEN ONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA, BUSINESS, OR ADVICE TO MY CLIENTS. I DO ONGOING TRAINING IN COPYRIGHTING, AUTISM, ENTREPRENEURIAL, AND BUSINESS. I have been featured on Fox News about Autism and World WIDE LOVE AND CONSULTING LLC.  I want to have both my personal brand Arin Ohlendorf Foundation to help out the international diplomacy with governments that world needs peace and prosperity that would allow transparency within the trust of the world, yet I want World Wide Love and Consulting LLC. to be main hub to help businesses entrepreneurs alike to work ad one Ethical network to allow growth on the bottom. The growth on the bottom would be a structure that new businesses could get Ethical training to allow biggest growth in Golden Age of Human History. ETHICAL COPYRIGHTING (EC) is a CHECK BALANCE SYSTEM that will allow trust between governments and businesses to be transparent or they will not be allowed to network within World Wide Love and Consulting LLC network. We are here to help people and build for next generations to come. GOD IS GREAT AND GOD BLESS WWLAC AND ARIN OHLENDORF FOUNDATION.

Matthew Sellnow 


As a previous officer of the Waukesha County Technical College Collegiate DECA chapter (Distributive Education Clubs of America), I apply my marketing knowledge to all that I do for my professional career. To showcase my abilities to sell any product/service, advertise to get a word out there, to publicly relate with my clients and prospects, are some of what I can bring to the table. I also believe in a good foundation through excellent customer service, civic consciousness, social intelligence, and community service. These help to bring a business more results to create more products, services, ideas, relations with clients and prospects. Awards won that represent my line of work are the Collegiate DECA Student of the Year Finalist in March 2020, 1st place in Marketing Communications at the Collegiate DECA Regionals of November 2021, a qualifier medal in Sports & Entertainment Marketing, and a Presidential Award at the Collegiate DECA State Conference of March 2022. I even have a ServSafe Certificate to go with my section of awards. As of now, I’ve become a dedicated volunteer of WWLAC and helping Arin with any information, insights, and community work. I also have leadership certification that allows me to train CEOS AND BUSINESSES, MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURS. I love helping those with Autism and everyone in the world! I currently work an internship at the Renaissance Hotel in Wauwatosa WI. I help everyone at the hotel and I love getting to know the guests it’s an honor to serve people. 


As an Ethical copywriter, I am dedicated to helping local business and brands Mark their products and services effectively through an effective ethical standard.

I also teach and educate people who are willing to learn about being Ethical in all areas of life, I also teach  copyrighting and Copywriting.

I love creating Awareness for people with Autism and other disorder and l love to care for them.

I believe they are also human capable of doing awesome things so there’s no reason why anyone should look down on them







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