At Worldwide Love & Consulting LLC., we aim to help local businesses to excel even in tough times, as well as to understand the idea of awareness of Autism. Here are our services and how we handle them. Please ask if we could customize your company or need MARKETING SERVICES Marketing is the concept of exchanging products, services, ideas to other people and businesses through advertising, management, research, and sales. Here are the services we offer in the Marketing department, what they are, and how we use them to help others. 


Advertising is the concept of putting a product/service out through various media and platforms to attain the reach and frequency of target markets. Whereas promotions are methods of putting a product, service, event, etc, out in the public in an advertising manner. How we can help with Advertising/promotions is by:

● Identifying the target market and lifestyles necessary to create a message of the product, service, etc.

● Utilizing various methods of media and platforms, both traditional (i.e. Word of Mouth, brochures, flyers, etc.) and modern (i.e. social media, radio, television, etc.).

● Creating a plan of what methods to use, where they will be used, the price of what is used and where, and even obtaining feedback. 


Marketing Management is the idea of planning how a business, product, service, etc, creates revenue, recognition, and resources through distributions, market types (i.e. niche market), and using marketing concepts like advertising/promotions from their target markets. Here is what we can help plan and strategize for other businesses and clients:

● Finding their market type (i.e. niche, differentiation, mixed markets).

● Recognizing their potential resources (i.e. stakeholders, distributors, logistics, etc.).

● Understanding their target markets (i.e. race, income, personality, etc.).

● Setting up promotions (i.e. product/service recognition through events, samples at a market place and other various means to get a product/service out there to the target market).

● Setting up a sales forecast of the market plan. 


 Marketing Research is the concept of gathering the problem (opportunity) of a business, company, etc, and creating data, evidence, and visuals to help create a solution. Here is how we can create research for businesses

● We first gather information of the company’s problem(s) and use those to create opportunities to solve their problems.

● We use methods to acquire any data, evidence, and even visuals to gain the tools to take care of the necessary research (i.e. focus groups, surveys, questionnaires, etc.).

● After acquiring the research, we compile them into documents to help create more efficient steps to resolutions.

● Once resolutions are made, we will establish what methods can be executed to a solution of the problem (opportunity).


One on one with marketing, consulting helping your company with key solutions that will help you grow faster with our coaching in business ethics and Strategies that led to growing. We aim to help our entrepreneurs, small businesses and clients with a model sphere that will lead to understanding your dream clients needs. We attract our target market by using special techniques that will attract high performers and angel investors to look into your company without needing to pay for expensive programs. We address rookie businesses because the need to properly educate a business into becoming a successful Diamond Standard of Excellence.


Worldwide Love and Consulting also offers financing and accounting at the highest quality of knowledge or models. We work with many different organizations such as freelancers that are accountants or can answer your questions about the financial difficulties of running a business. If any clients, entrepreneurs, and small businesses need special services such as Tax questions or accounting plus we will find a solution for your desired needs. Worldwide Love and Consulting prides itself with being ethical in helping with companies that need to grow or helping to come with a budget. Ask our CEO if or how you can get started for free because money is better in our clients’ hands, not ours. We believe that when people are working and teaching a man to fish for a lifetime you can teach businesses to grow also. The core of our company is God everything is through him and around him. We want everyone to be able to have a customizable plan that fits their budget and grow into a loving business just as it’s a value in our company. We are a diamond ethic standard organization that will at the time before and after the sale always have a lifetime guarantee because we do it for the Love of business. 


BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (STRATEGIES) Program will include How to go around with a professional business model that is a core sphere of our company’s values. We will have one on one sessions that will have a pre-start exercise of the companies needs and wants to find out the desires of their potential clients. Then we will move to phase 1 Which will include a professional strategy to gain leads or solve the businesses concerns. Phase two will be more focused on social media aspects, how to use SEO on google to gain traction and why the niche matters to gain the dream customer. Phase 3 will include how running ads on social platforms, key words and use 210 powerful words to sell any product or service to the clients leading to more sales quickly! Phase 4 will include all the above plus a follow up for a set time with client and custom packages that will vary by client needs and at the time of the sale. 


 It’s important to recognize that while Autism is only going to continue to grow, Autism isn’t a disease and rather is beneficial to those who have Autism and to those who understand if they don’t have it. Asperger’s is an identified form of Autism and like those with unidentified types, traits will vary from person to person. Services we can provide to help those Autism and raise awareness are:

● Having one on one meetings with individuals with Autism (face to face, or virtual) to set up their accommodations, needs and strengths to help prep them for the workforce.

● We offer resources that can help assist with their plans of success (i.e. templates, consultation, etc).

● Those without Autism, we’ll help them recognize how beneficial Autism in the workforce can be through promoting, knowledge of how Autism can work, and consultation to help with the company for those with Autism. We Have a Diamond Standard of Excellence 


This program will include the steps that entrepreneurs should come with a positive mindset, and willingness to learn. Failing is the only way to learn through the process of becoming a successful business or entrepreneur. The program goes over what a high performer does and to take the proper steps to excel in a startup company. Entrepreneurialism is a way for small businesses and companies to come together with an ethical organization. We will provide one on one training as well as how I started my company World Wide Love and Consulting. In these programs, we will cover what it means to have a diamond standard for business, and offer customizable programs depending on our clients request at the time of sale. 


This program will dedicate how to professionally write out copywriting in business standards on social media posts, websites, books, and advertisements. We dig into the matter of what copyrighting is and why its important to our clients and small businesses. Depending on your business’s needs, we can customize the program for a personalized fit. We offer a professional ethic found nowhere else; we choose to raise the Standards of Excellence, and we will share this with you so your program will also be on a Diamond standard. We offer personal care with our clients needs and making sure to spend time doing the writing that gets done with professionalism that shows Love.


Leadership comes from the ideas, concepts and principles of being able to guide other people in their craft. Here are some ways we can help clients/prospects become good leaders:

● Understanding how important power, political views, communications, teamwork and individual principles work in leading people.

● Being able to recognize how leadership is applied in any workforce, organization or company.

● Discovering one’s own personality, communication style, powers, can be used to guide others to success.

● Diamond Standard of Excellence training learned from Military personnel because business ethics taught leadership to be high performers or top CEOS AKA Sharks!